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Please note, you must be over 18 to adopt a dog
Will you be sharing adoption responsibilities with a partner or friend?
We're proud to operate an inclusive adoption policy and will consider your application with the individualism it deserves. In order for us to match you with the right dog, we ask you to provide any information about your physical and/or mental health that may be of relevance. We treat all answers with the strictest confidence.
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Like all dogs, rescue dogs require time, patience and affection to help them thrive. We take our adoption responsibilities very seriously, and want to help ensure the best possible relationship between our dogs and their new adopters. The following questions are designed to outline some of the considerations you should be aware of before committing to rescuing a dog. Whilst it's a hugely rewarding process, it's not always straight-forward: all dogs require time, patience and consistency to help them settle into a new home, and owning a dog is a lifetime commitment.

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