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Lola's story

This cute-as-a-button little lady is Lola, one of our newest arrivals with a special story to tell. Unlike most of our dogs, Lola started life as a beach dog, living on the streets in Hua Hin. But while she may be a little more well-travelled, her story is sadly all too familiar. 

Tough beginnings 

Lola was discovered as a small puppy with a broken spine which vets suspect may have been caused by a hard kick, or a motorbike collision. Traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of death and serious injury here in Thailand, and it's not uncommon for dogs to be left at the side of the road to fend for themselves.

Without the ability to move freely or quickly in the search for food, and unable to sufficiently defend themselves, paralysed dogs rarely live long on the streets. Fortunately for Lola, a kind man named Jack saw her struggling and, unlike many before him, stopped to help her.

There were maggots in her wounds, she was crawling with ticks, and she was very vulnerable. Returning her to life on the beach simply wasn’t an option: it would have been a death-sentence.

Luckily, Lola caught the attention of a local rescuer, Marilyn, who took her in and helped get her back on her feet. She even had a loving home lined up, but sadly things fell through due to the impact of Covid. 

Help Lola on her road to recovery

We're currently fundraising to buy Lola a wheelchair of her own, giving her the freedom to run and play like any other puppy.

The next chapter 

When Marilyn from PAWSS was left to reconsider Lola’s future, she immediately thought of the Jai Dog Rescue team. Our experience with disabled dogs means we can provide her the perfect place to rehabilitate and recover from her trauma, all whilst we get her ready to find an amazing forever home when the time is right. 

Lola is settling in brilliantly with the other dogs on The Farm, and we're honoured to be playing a part of her rescue journey...but it's a journey that isn't over yet. Much as we'd love to enjoy her cheeky smiling face everyday, we know she'd be happiest in a home of her own. 

Lola's wheels of fortune

The next chapter of Lola's story is in our hands: with your help, we raised the funds needed to buy Lola a new wheelchair all of her own in just 24 hours!! This is truly life-changing for Lola and she'll be able to enjoy walking, playing and running around with her new friends as soon as her wheelchair arrives.

The next step for Lola is to begin her physiotherapy. Whilst we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, we believe there may be a chance for her to regain the ability to walk! It's early days, but your donations will help us source the best possible rehabilitative care, giving her the best possible chance. 

New beginnings  

We're also looking into options to find Lola a forever home! She deserves all the love in the world after what she's been through and we know she'll show people, wherever she goes, just how incredible Jai Dogs really are, no matter how tough their start in life has been.

If you'd like to stay up to date with Lola's story, please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all the latest lo-down on Lola! 


Can you help? 

We’re so grateful to know that hundreds of people have been moved by Lola’s story and want to help her live a better life. Your donations, however big or small, will make a huge difference towards her recovery. 

Our Jai Dogs: Rescued fund has been created to ensure that every penny donated goes directly towards dogs with severe injuries and disabilities, helping them to heal and flourish despite the odds. We’re currently raising funds for Lola’s wheelchair and rehab programme, and hope to fundraise for her freedom flight home as soon as travel restrictions allow. 

You can donate directly towards this fund via text, or through the form below.

Donate by text


Text LOVELOLA followed by the amount you want to give to 70085 

e.g. text "LOVELOLA 10" to 70085 to give £10 

(UK major networks only. Costs donation amount + standard message rate. Please ask the bill payer’s permission) 

A huge thank you from all of Team Jai, and of course Lola herself, for your generous support. 

Donate to help Lola on her road to recovery

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