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Sawadee ka! I’m Mook, and I’m 3 years old.

I joined the Jai Dog family in 2018, but before that I was living on the street. The people there were usually quite kind, leaving out food for me sometimes. But I didn’t have an owner, and so there was no one to notice when I started to get sick.

As a female dog, the humans in my area didn’t want me to get pregnant: this would mean more mouths to feed, more scuffles and skirmishes, and more barking in the night. And so I was regularly injected with human birth control hormones. At first, I was glad not to have to give birth to litter after litter, especially as such a young dog myself; but over time, I began to feel more and more unwell.

Finally, it got so bad that I went off food entirely. For weeks, I stopped eating; I lost so much weight and I developed a high fever. Fortunately, one of the women on my street noticed I was in a terrible state and took me to the vet, where the Jai Dog Rescue team stepped in to help.

They soon realised that I was suffering from serious pyometra – an infection of the uterus that could very nearly have killed me. It turns out that the birth control hormones that are safe for humans can prove to be lethal for dogs like me.

This was me on the day I was rescued. I was scared, hungry and very sick.

I needed to put some weight on before I was ready for surgery...

But now I'm happy, living my best life on The Farm!

At first, I was too weak for surgery, but the Jai Dog Rescue team refused to give up on me. They took me to The Farm and nursed me back to health: after lots of gentle coaxing and plenty of TLC I began to put some weight back on and, after two weeks of round-the-clock care, I was ready for my operation. After the wounds had healed, I felt a million times better, and knew that my life had changed for good.

I now live on The Farm, and often reflect on how different life could have been. Despite many good intentions, I know I would have died had the Jai Dog Rescue team not found me. But now, at only 3 years old, I can look forward to a long and happy life stretching out ahead of me. After everything I’ve been through, I’m so relieved to have somewhere quiet and safe where I can enjoy the comfort I’ve always craved.

Am I your perfect match?

I might not be able to come and live with you, but that doesn't mean I can't be your perfect dog!

If you'd like to sponsor me, the lovely people at Jai Dog Rescue will send you regular updates and pictures to let you know how your generous support is helping me live my best life.

Why I need sponsoring

Going through what I did at such a young age, it’s no wonder I’m still a little weak. The experience has made me nervous, and I don’t like lots of fuss, change or noise.

I know some dogs would love a home of their own, but I’m happiest in the familiarity of The Farm, with my Jai Dog family to take care of me. Everyone understands me here, and they’re kind, patient and gentle, even when I’m feeling anxious.

I'm lucky that I was rescued by people who understood what was causing me pain and knew what to do to make me better. I hope that by being a Jai Sponsor Dog, I can be a spokesperson for lots more stray dogs like me.

What your sponsorship will fund

Thanks to your sponsorship, I can live in a place I love, knowing that me and my friends will be fed and cared for no matter what. I’m so glad that my days of fighting for food, territory and survival on the streets are behind me.

As well as my own care, I’d really like to help more dogs like me, suffering from pyometra. I know just how painful and potentially deadly this condition is, and it breaks my heart to think that others may not be as lucky as I was.

Your sponsorship for me could also fund Jai Dog Rescue’s work to provide the same kind of life-saving surgery to many more dogs. On behalf of my fellow female strays: thank you!

Sponsor Mook

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