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Fundraise for a stray dog in need

Fundraising is a fun and impactful way to help transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand, no matter where in the world you're based. By raising funds for Jai Dog Rescue, you'll be playing a vital part in our mission.

There's no limit to the ways you can fundraise for stray dogs in need. From running marathons and climbing mountains, to sponsored silences and delicious bake sales, we're grateful to everyone who rolls up their sleeves and does their bit for the stray dogs of the world.

No matter how little or large your contribution, we thank you so much for your support.

Setting up a fundraiser

We recommend using Just Giving to create your fundraising page: it's easy to use, quick to set up, and allows you to see who's donating to your cause. They also give charities 100% of all donations made, ensuring that your fundraising efforts are not wasted on admin fees.

How to fundraise

1. Choose your challenge

Kick off your campaign by deciding how you're going to raise funds. Some people choose to take part in an established challenge (The London Marathon, for example), choosing Jai Dog Rescue as their chosen charity as they do so. Others prefer to come up with an idea of their own - walk, run, sing, hop, bake, or even bungee jump!

Whether it's putting your talents to good use, or challenging yourself to learn or try something new, choose something that you'll find fulfilling, and that you think your friends, family and colleagues will want to support.

2. Create your fundraising page

In order to take donations from your supporters, you'll need to create an online fundraising page. We recommend Just Giving as it's quick and easy to use, it lets you keep track of who has donated, and it gives 100% of the money you raise to your charity of choice.

You can also take donations for your fundraiser offline - whether you're selling cakes or raffle tickets, or collecting cash donations at your place of work, every penny you raise can be added to your total. Find out more about taking cash / cheque donations here.

3. Spread the word

You've got your idea, you've made your fundraising page, now you need to start collecting donations! A successful fundraiser attracts the attention of a wide pool of supporters, from family and friends, to colleagues and clients.

The best place to start is social media: post details of your challenge and encourage people to donate directly via your fundraising page link. Email can be a particularly effective way of reaching potential supporters, particularly in the work place, and printed sign-up forms, notices and flyers can work brilliantly in schools and offices.

4. Get set, go!

The only thing left to do is to complete your challenge! Give your supporters plenty of notice about the time and date of your fundraiser, and encourage people to come and cheer you along if they can - after all, you deserve some recognition for your hard work. 

We'd love to be a part of your fundraising journey, so do keep us updated as you go along. You can tag us on Instagram @jaidogrescue, and we'll do our best to help you spread the word. Make sure you let us know how you got on, as we'd love to send you a thank you!

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