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Transforming the lives of street dogs in Thailand

Jai Dog Rescue is dedicated to our mission to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand. We work tirelessly, through seasons of stifling heat and torrential monsoons, to care for dogs who have nobody to look after them.

Life is tough for a dog on the streets of Thailand. Disease is rife, the climate is unforgiving, and competition for territory and food is fierce. To make matters worse, stray dogs are at a staggeringly high risk of injury or death caused by road traffic accidents and neglect.

Whether it’s the threat of lethal disease such as parvovirus, canine distemper or TVT, or the harrowing injuries and disabilities caused by the reality of life on the streets, we have seen first-hand the very great need for drastic transformation.

Based in the central Thai province of Nakhon Nayok, our team provide an invaluable lifeline for thousands of dogs on the streets where, as you can see, conditions can be dirty and dangerous, and resources scarce. But we never shy away from rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in to help wherever we're needed. From the sick and injured, to all in need of ongoing care and compassion, we provide the shelter, food, medication, and aid that saves lives.

Through our sterilisation and vaccination programme, our rescue and rehabilitation work, our community outreach efforts, and our dedicated rehoming service, we have already transformed the lives of thousands of street dogs. But our work is only just beginning...

Our promise: a better life for all dogs

In spite of the thousands of dogs we've helped so far, we've made a commitment to all of Thailand's strays. We have a huge fight ahead of us as we fight to break the cycle of suffering: we can only do this with your generous support.

Our values


We treat the effects of suffering and abuse with compassion. We believe the growing stray dog problem can be resolved with kindness and respect.


We champion collaboration. We respect the culture, values and needs of the community in which we work.


We believe the street dogs of Thailand deserve better. It is this conviction that inspires us to work harder and do more to bring about genuine, lasting transformation.


We have made a promise to the street dogs of Thailand: they can rely on us. We will stand the test of time, and remain committed to our mission to transform lives.

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