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When you adopt a Jai Dog, you don’t just save their life, you complete it

All dogs deserve love, comfort and happiness. Wherever possible, we work hard to find the dogs we care for a home that can provide this for them, and give them the ultimate second chance.

With years of rescue experience under our belt, and a truly world-class shelter in which to raise and socialise our dogs, we pride ourselves on our international adoptions service.

With so many homeless dogs in the world all desperate for a family of their own, we’re so grateful to anyone who considers adopting. In return, we do everything in our power to make your adoption journey as smooth, comprehensive and enjoyable as possible.

We truly believe that adopting a rescue dog from overseas is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

In opening your home to a dog who needs your help more than most, you’ll also be opening your heart to the incredible lessons a rescue dog can teach us.

You’ll witness their resilience as they warm to their new environment and form strong, lifelong bonds. You’ll see first-hand how untrue and unfair many of the stereotypes around rescue dogs prove to be. And you’ll be rewarded with the kind of love and loyalty that can only come from welcoming a rescued animal into your life.


From street to sofa: we've got you covered

Interested in adopting a street dog from Thailand? Rescuing a stray is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Your perfect match could be waiting for you to find them today...

A safe haven for all

Not all dogs are able to find happiness in a home of their own. After a harrowing life on the street, factors such as temperament, disability and difficulty in adapting to change can mean that some dogs are happier living in our shelter environment.

We never turn away a dog in need, and pride ourselves on providing an oasis for strays who are unable to return to the streets or find an adoptive home.

These such dogs become lifelong residents at our stunning rural shelter, The Farm, where they can live out their life safe in the knowledge that they’ll be loved and protected for the rest of their days.

Our sponsorship programme provides invaluable funding for this initiative, ensuring that we can continue to provide ongoing care for those dogs who have suffered most.


Every stray has its day. We think that all dogs should have the chance to know lifelong safety and love, no matter how much hardship they’ve been through.

Sponsorship makes that possible. Give our dogs the gift of a lifetime.

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