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The stray dog population in Thailand is out of control

There are over a million dogs live on the streets, often in terrible conditions: and the problem is growing. The cycle of uncontrolled breeding leads to around 1 billion stray puppies born around the world each year. Every one of these is born into a life of hardship, neglect and suffering. Most will die before they reach adolescence.

With a rapidly burgeoning problem, we simply cannot hope to solve this crisis through treatment alone. Instead, we are committed to a widespread and intensive sterilisation campaign that will help slow the rising tide of suffering and improve the quality of life for those already born into life on the streets. We run regular sterilisation and vaccination clinics to help reduce the number of unwanted puppies born into lives of suffering.

This is the only proven, sustainable and humane method to reduce the stray dog population. With the kind support of local monks, we run our clinics week-in, week-out at temples across Nakhon Nayok, as well as on site at the Jai Dog Rescue shelter.

Only by controlling the number of dogs being born can we hope to make a lasting impact on quality of life for Thailand’s strays.



Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release

We are proud advocates of the ‘TNVR’ (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) model of sterilisation, which has been proven to be the most humane and effective method of tackling the stray dog problem at its source.

Our clinics allow us to reach those dogs who need it most: the victims of uncontrolled breeding, and those most prone to birthing more litters. By capturing, caring for, and releasing stray dogs, we are actively working to reduce the number of puppies born on the streets.

The upmost precaution is taken to capture the dogs without causing any harm or undue stress, and our surgeons use specialist techniques that allow for smaller incisions, reducing the risk of infection and promoting rapid healing times.

Surgeons trained in the field of mass sterilisation work remarkably quickly and efficiently; if no complications arise (such as pyometra), females are neutered in an average of 40 minutes, and males in just 15!

It costs just £25 to sterilise and vaccinate a Thai street dog

A donation to our sterilisation work goes a long way: not only will it improve the life of a stray dog, freeing them from the gruelling cycle of uncontrolled breeding, and vaccinating them against disease; but you'll also be preventing hundreds more puppies from being born into a life of misery and suffering.

Better health for dogs on the street

Vaccinating every stray that passes through our clinic is an extremely effective way of combatting disease within the stray dog community. Each dog is administered with a full course of vaccinations, including rabies, which gives the dogs we operate on the best possible chance to live a long and healthy life once released back into their home environment.

We also administer flea treatments and any other immediate care that may be needed. Once treated, our dogs are tattooed to show they have been sterilised, and microchipped so they can be traced back to the Jai Dog Rescue team should any complications occur.

Sterilisation also improves the quality of life for a stray dog.

For males, they’re less likely to become involved in the ferocious and often lethal fights over a breeding female. They’re also less inclined to roam which helps keep them off the road, reducing the chance of being killed or injured by traffic. Neutering removes the risk of testicular cancer, a common issue for older dogs, and reduces the likelihood of developing problems such as prostate disease.

Females benefit hugely from being freed from the cycle of uncontrolled breeding. Birthing litter after litter is arduous and physically traumatic; coupled with the distress a mother experiences if her puppies die (which, tragically, most of them will), it's a blessing to be able to relieve female strays from this harrowing ordeal.

In areas where TNVR campaigns are regularly carried out, the results are tangible: stray dogs are healthier and live longer, and birth rates drop dramatically. What's more, we can track and trace the dogs who've passed through our clinics and monitor their recovery and ongoing heath, ready to step in if ever we're needed again.

We take our commitment to each and every street dog we care for seriously – whether they’re in our care for a few hours or many years, a Jai Dog will always be able to rely on our support, whenever they need it.

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