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Transforming the lives of street dogs in Thailand

Jai Dog Rescue is committed to transforming the lives of street dogs in Thailand. Through our rescue and rehabilitation work, our sterilisation and vaccination campaigns, our international adoption service, and local community outreach projects, we're working tirelessly to break the cycle of stray dog suffering.

There are millions of dogs on the streets of Thailand

The number of dogs living on the streets of Thailand is growing. Every day, they battle against a life of suffering, starvation and disease. Dogs deserve better. Every donation makes a difference. Please give what you can.


Every stray has its day. We think that all dogs should have the chance to know lifelong safety and love, no matter how much hardship they’ve been through.

Sponsorship makes that possible. Give our dogs the gift of a lifetime.

80% of stray puppies don't reach adolescence

Over a million stray puppies are born each year; but chances of survival are tragically slim. Only 80% of street dogs ever live past adolescence, with millions falling victim to disease, starvation, neglect and abuse. With your help, we can prevent thousands more puppies from being born into a life of hardship, and provide a better quality of life to those unlucky enough to be born with the odds of survival stacked against them.

Dogs deserve better

We've made a commitment to the street dogs of Thailand: they can rely on us to prevent a life of inescapable hardship and suffering.

Help us keep our promise to Thailand's strays by making a monthly pledge today.

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