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We're always happy to help our supporters in whatever way we can. Many of the answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found below. If you can't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch.

General FAQs

Jai Dog Rescue is verified as both a UK registered charity (#1172313) and a legally registered charity in Thailand: we are truly international, with a concrete link between our work on the ground in Thailand and our UK / overseas adoption service.

The majority of our fundraising and adoption operations services take place here in the UK. We're blessed to have a dedicated community of UK supporters who recognise the plight of stray dogs in Thailand and have a genuine desire to help.

Our shelter is based in the central Thai province of Nakhon Nayok, in the heart of rural Thailand. Here, we are able to provide aid and emergency rescue at the source, and have the opportunity to witness first-hand the problem on the ground. We work 365 days a year within the community to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand.

Our mission is to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand. Our vision is for a world in which every stray has its day.

You can read more about our mission, vision and values here.

The fastest and most effective way to make a difference is to give a donation. We’re reliant on the generosity of our supporters, and are grateful for whatever you can spare: however small or large, your donation really can transform the life of street dog in Thailand.

We're also grateful for the support of volunteers: from fundraisers to flight buddies to foster carers

You can find out more about the different ways you can help here.

You can set up a regular donation via credit/debit card or direct bank transfer: set up your monthly donation here.

Jai Dog Rescue was previously registered under the name(s) Streetdog SOS / Bon Jardin. Whilst there has been no change in our mission, governance or management, we rebranded the charity in 2021 to reflect our desire to focus on our mission and the work we do, rather than just the problem we face.

Rest assured that our shelter, our work and our team remain unchanged. We remain utterly committed to our mission to transform the lives of street dogs in Thailand. We're grateful for the continued support of our wonderful community of donors and supporters: thank you.

Adopting a Jai Dog

Please note: due to issues caused by the global pandemic, our adoption waiting times have been temporarily impacted: we estimate the current process taking around 6 months from start to finish. We're confident that travel restrictions will ease later in the year, and are looking forward to resuming as normal as soon as possible.

If you're interested in adopting a Jai Dog, and understand that this may be subject to delays at present, please don't hesitate to register your interest.

You can find out more about how COVID-19 is affecting our adoptions service here.

Please read our COVID-19 update for more information on how the global pandemic is affecting adoption timeframes. We're confident that timings will return to normal later in the year once international transport restrictions are eased.


From the UK

In 'normal' circumstances, we advise that the Jai Dog adoption process takes around 3 months from start to finish:

There are a number of factors involved in readying your dog for travel and arranging their journey home, including completing all necessary pre-flight vet testing and paperwork. We will keep in touch with you throughout the process, and send you lots of photo and video updates so you can see how your dog is getting on while you wait.

As soon as your dog's transport has been booked, we'll let you know and explain the collection process to you in detail.


From within Thailand

Once you’ve decided you’d like to adopt, we’ll carry out our standard Compatibility Check, after which you can collect your adopted dog whenever you’re ready. The entire process usually takes no longer than a couple of weeks.

From the UK

We are committed to giving as many Thai dogs the chance to live a happy life overseas as possible, and do our best to keep rehoming costs as low as we can in order to facilitate this. We do not charge anything for the dog themselves – the adoption fee covers all elements of the rehoming process, including: flights, vaccinations and medication, microchipping, and travel paperwork.

Our UK adoption fee is £925


From within Thailand

Adoptions within Thailand are free of charge. As we do not charge a fee for our dogs, the only costs will be your travel to come and collect your newly adopted dog.

If you’re able to provide a donation in your new dog’s name to help contribute towards our rehoming work, we’re always very grateful for gifts of any size.


From elsewhere overseas

It may be possible for us to arrange to fly one of our dogs to you. Costs will vary depending on the size of the dog, where it’s being flown to, and a few other factors: the total fee can be anywhere between $800 - $3000. Please get in touch with us via for more information.

Our standard travel routes vary slightly depending on which flights are available, but the most common route is via mainland Europe. Our dogs are safely loaded onto a flight at Bangkok airport, where they’ll likely travel to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam.

From here, we work with a network of trusted pet courier professionals, who will transport your dog for the remainder of the journey via the Euro Tunnel. Depending on where you’re based in the country, we’ll work out the most convenient drop off point possible, often a service-station as these are the easiest assembly points for multiple adopters and saves our couriers from having to prolong the onward journey.

We’ll provide you with detailed information about your dog’s flight, collection and subsequent drop off in plenty of advance of their arrival. Please keep in mind that travel plans can be susceptible to change and delays: we do our best to keep things running smoothly, but your patience and understanding mean an awful lot when dealing with factors outside of our control.

Yes! Your dog will have been administered their full course of vaccinations against diseases including: parvovirus, distemper and leptospirosis.

All our dogs receive a TITER test, an antibody blood test which determines the presence of a wide number of diseases, including rabies. They are also administered with tapeworm treatment, and all medical paperwork will be officially endorsed prior to travel.

We regularly treat our dogs for worms, ticks and fleas at the shelter: however, please be aware that no flea / tick treatment is 100% effective. Your dog will arrive with their full vaccination and medication record. Rest assured that your dog will have been thoroughly vet-checked and treated before they fly to ensure they're ready to start their new lives in the best possible health.

Yes! All Jai Dogs are microchipped prior to travel. You’ll simply need to register your dog’s microchip to your name once they’ve arrived, for which we’ll provide instructions.

We pride ourselves on our street-to-sofa adoption service, and take great care to prepare our dogs for their new lives before they leave the shelter. All dogs are given collar-and-lead training, and we enjoy teaching them basic commands (or more complex tricks to our eager learners!) Your dog will be toilet-trained in their current kennel/farm environment - fair warning, however, this doesn’t always translate to house-training! That said, we find most of our dogs pick this up within a matter of days.

With a team of full-time staff living round the clock at The Farm, and a number of regular visitors and volunteers, our dogs have ample opportunity to interact and make friends with different people. They’re also able to socialise safely with other dogs on The Farm, thanks to the ‘bubble system’ we have in place. This means there is far less risk of fighting and territorial behaviour than in most large shelters; the living environment on The Farm encourages them to build good habits around dogs of all ages.

We will always be upfront about any known behavioural traits, and will only ever place dogs in homes where the adopter is fully aware of and prepared for specific characteristics that may need to be considered while they adjust to life in a new home.

What’s more, if there’s a specific element of your lifestyle that may need catering for (for example, a family with young children), we will do our best to prepare and familiarise your dog with this prior to their leaving the shelter. We take our adoption responsibilities seriously.

Time, patience and a lot of tender loving care will be vital to ensure your new adopted dog settles into its new home and environment. Our adoption team will talk you through what you can expect, and provide ample resources and advice to help you settle in your new arrival.

Rescue dogs are incredibly adaptable, and we've been delighted to watch our dogs take to their new lives across the world with such joy and resilience. Our team have extensive experience matching dogs to the right home, helping to make the settling in phase as seamless as possible: but if you do experience any issues, we're always happy to advise and can put you in touch with our recommended behaviourists if needed.

Sponsoring a Jai Dog

Sadly, it is not possible to rehome every dog in our care. Age, temperament, disability or illness are some of the factors that determine whether a rescue dog will be able to adapt to life in a new home.

But regardless of whether they end up living in our home or yours, we make a lifetime commitment to each and every Jai Dog: for those unsuited to adoption, we go to great lengths to ensure they have a happy, comfortable, and enriched life at our shelter.

It costs as little as £10 a month to sponsor a Jai Dog. This will contribute towards the monthly food and basic supplies needed to keep them and their friends at the shelter healthy and happy.

You can choose to increase your sponsorship to £25 a month - in addition to their food and supplies, this will cover any medical costs they may incur.

Alternatively, for £50 a month, you can know that your sponsorship has helped still more of Thailands strays, preventing thousands more unwanted puppies from being born into a life of hardship and suffering - for £50 a month, we'll also sponsor the sterilisation of one stray dog in your name.

If you'd like to set up sponsorship of an alternative monthly amount (£10 minimum), please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Your support will help fund our residents programme, providing food, medication, toys and other supplies for the dogs in our care.

In return for your generous sponsorship, we'll send you:

  • Three updates a year, letting you know how your sponsored dog is getting on, and sharing the latest stories and pictures of life on The Farm.
  • An official Jai Dog Sponsorship Certificate – perfect if you’re purchasing sponsorship as a gift for a loved one (or just for you to keep in pride of place!)

It's easy to sponsor a Jai Dog: you simply need to complete our sponsorship donation form.

If you have any questions setting this up, or would prefer to pay via one annual cheque / online donation, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help:

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