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Committed to Thailand's strays: 365 days a year

Jai Dog Rescue promise to make the best use of each and every penny you give

We are committed to financial accountability and full transparency. Each year our UK and Thai charities are independently audited and reported to the relevant authorities. You can read a detailed account of the work your donations have helped to fund each year in our Annual Review:

2019/20 in review

Our latest Annual Review is available to all our supporters, helping us fulfil our commitment to transparency and accountability. Read on to find out more about our work, achievements and goals.

Our work

Jai Dog Rescue believe that every stray has its day. We think every single dog deserves the chance to experience health and happiness, no matter the circumstances they're born into. But we cannot hope to make this possible without a rigorous and dedicated plan of work.

Our daily work contributes to our mission in numerous ways. From emergency aid and one-off rescue campaigns, to adoption and sterilisation to effect longterm change, we're utterly committed to doing whatever it takes to transform the lives of dogs on the streets of Thailand.

Our work includes:

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