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To you, it’s a generous donation.

To them, it’s the difference between life and death.


Jai Dog Rescue is committed to helping street dogs in the most desperate need, but we need your help to make our vital work possible. Everything we do comes from our deep desire to see an end to the suffering of street dogs in Thailand: rescuing sick and injured dogs; providing shelter and rehabilitation for abused or abandoned animals; conducting life-saving sterilisation & vaccination clinics; and finding loving new homes for rescued dogs.

We rely entirely on the generosity and support of donors like you. Every penny you give will be used effectively and go directly to improving the lives of street dogs. Please give what you can, or set up a regular donation today and make a difference to a dog's life.

On behalf of Thailand’s street dogs, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Jai Dog Rescue team

Your donation's impact

Providing a safe haven for dogs in need

Our incredible shelter offers a safe, happy environment for sick and injured dogs to recover and rehabilitate. For some, it provides a loving, well-rounded space for them to acclimatise to life off the streets, preparing them for a life in an adopted home. For others, the shelter will become their forever home, providing sanctuary for dogs who are suffering long-term effects of injury or abuse.

Whether our dogs are with us for a few weeks, or their whole lives, we never euthanise a healthy dog, no matter whether they’re deemed “adoptable” or not: we have made a commitment to the street dogs of Thailand and are proud to offer a true safe haven for those who need it. Your donations help to keep this unique shelter running, and allow us to take in more dogs who are still waiting for our help.

Breaking the cycle of suffering

Each month we run successful sterilisation and vaccination clinics, treating hundreds of street dogs. This truly is the most effective way to put an end to suffering for both the strays of today, and for countless generations to come: by removing a stray dog from the endless cycle of breeding, we provide that dog with a happier, healthier future and prevent thousands more puppies from being born into a life on the streets.

Better health for dogs on the streets

As well as sterilising the dogs who pass through our clinics, we also vaccinate against diseases such as parvovirus, canine distemper and rabies. This slows the spread of disease on the streets, and keeps those strays who have been vaccinated safe from the threat of further suffering.

We also carry out emergency treatments and operations during our clinics, saving the lives of strays who would otherwise have suffered a painful death. The most common injuries we respond to are those caused by car or motorcycle accidents - a staggering number of street dogs in Thailand are injured in traffic accidents every year. Many are paralysed as a result, and may even lose a leg.

It's a traumatic experience for any dog to go through, and we've seen all too many strays left at the side of the road to die. This has to stop - your donations help our work to rescue those unfortunate enough to suffer life-threatening injuries.

Ways to give

Looking for more ways to give? From alternative payment methods (including PayPal, direct bank transfer and cheque donations), to fundraising and legacy information, we're so grateful for whatever support you can provide. 

We're committed to keeping our donors up to date about the work you've helped to fund. You can read a full breakdown of our latest spend and achievements in our 19/20 Annual Review.

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