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Foster a dog, change a life

Fosters are the unsung heroes of dog rescue. These are the people who selflessly welcome a dog into their lives – sometimes for only a few days, sometimes for many months – to provide a vital steppingstone between shelter and forever home.

Despite the common misconception that dogs in need of foster are 'adoption rejects' who need help working through behavioural issues, there are a great number of reasons why a dog may need a foster home. Whatever their story, the time spent in your home will provide a foster dog with an invaluable opportunity to learn, settle and prepare themselves for what comes next.

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Due to delays and restrictions caused by COVID-19, we don't currently have any dogs in need of a foster home. However, once transportation routes become available again, we'll be eager to reinstate our foster programme.

If you'd like to foster a Thai dog in the future, we'd love to hear from you! Please register your interest and we'll be in touch when we have more information for you.

Complete a Jai Dog Foster Form

Register your interest in fostering a Jai Dog

Please specify how many children you have / are frequently visited by, and their respective ages
If you're currently working from home due to COVID regulations, please detail where you anticipate your work being based in the coming months. Please detail any anticipated home/office split.
Please let us know your existing pet(s) species, age, temperament, and any other details that may be useful for us to know
Please tell us anything else that may be useful to know regarding your ability to foster

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